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Right-sizing home building trends for 2014

There are always trends in home building, but at Tim Hoelting Homes we believe one of the most important trends today is “Right-sizing”.  Although this term was used in the past in association with business restructuring, it is now an important concept in today’s home building industry.


Right-sizing, simply put, means buyers are paying more attention to using the space they are living in, and less on how much square footage they own.  Buyers are redesigning plans or having new ones drawn up to emphasis their lifestyle and the spaces needed for living.  This new trend means the living space is designed to work for you, not dictate how many rooms and spaces are added to the plan. 


Not only does this help keep the cost of building down, but also helps with the energy efficiency of the home.  And this trend makes the planning process very personal to each buyer’s needs and wants.


One of the things Tim Hoelting loves about the building business is helping people develop the type of home they want.  Individual custom homes are very satisfying to build.  And each home has unique features relating to the buyer’s personal lifestyle.


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